We exist to reach and influence all people with the transformational love of Jesus [Outreach & Witnessing], so that together we can glory God [Worship], build deep relationships [Fellowship], Grow in Emotional and Spiritual Maturity [Discipleship], and Serve the Community with Passion, Joy, and Creativity [Service].



We are a community of faith in Astoria that is wholeheartedly committed to loving God and loving all people.

CORE Values

  1. Presence - We value the presence of Jesus above all things.
  2. Power - We value the manifestation of the power of God through the Word, Action, Corporate Gatherings, Signs, and Wonders (Ephesians 1:19-20)
  3. Prayer & Spiritual Disciplines - We are about developing deep relationship with God through Prayer, Bible Study, and Other Spiritual disciplines (Fasting, Meditation, Simplicity, Solitude, Submission, Service, Confession, Worship, Guidance, and Celebration). We believe this is key for physical, emotional, and spiritual vibrancy.
  4. Passion - We cultivate a church culture of passionate service, which means we serve not because we must, but because we are willing (1 Peter 5:2).
  5. Peace & Rest - We protect our weekly day of rest. We understand this to be vital to maintaining peace with God, ourselves, and others. 
  6. People - We value people over programs and things. Our love is directed toward the people in our home, the people of our church family, the people in our workplace, and the people of our community.

Our history

We are so thankful for the 17 brothers and sisters that gathered at the home of Manoel and Sonia Cunha for a bible study starting on December 10th, 1981. On June 22nd, 1982, the group was named Brazilian Baptist Chapel, and had its first service in the same residence. Shortly thereafter, they moved their services to the Religious Education building of Highland Baptist Church.

Our church was formally organized as a Portuguese-speaking church on November 21st, 1982 in Jamaica, Queens, New York, with Pastor Humberto Viegas Fernandes. Pastor Humberto served the church until August 4th, 1986.

Pastor Levy Penido was the second pastor of the church, and he assumed the pastorate on March 15th, 1987 and led a fruitful ministry until the month of February of 1994. In this period there was much growth in the church’s membership; a pastoral residence was purchased and a building fund was started to purchase the church’s own building. In addition to this, the church also started planting home groups for bible study. Furthermore, a National Brazilian Baptist organization called CONJUBBRAN was organized through a member of the church, brother Helio Roberto Martins, and the first president of this organization was Helio dos Santos Filho. In this period, two daughter churches were also planted in New Jersey and Danbury.

Pastor Damivan Gonçalves dos Santos then served as interim pastor from March to October of 1995.

Our current pastor, Francisco José Carvalho Izidoro, then began his ministry at our church on October 14th, 1995.

Since then God has continued to grant our church great victories like the purchase of our own building, that has been completely paid off. This has been a great gift that God has given us!

Recently, we also ordained Pastor Lucas Izidoro, which along with his wife, Stephane Izidoro, is serving as pastor of our English Ministry.

In an effort to open the church to our local, English-speaking community, our church’s name has changed to Family Church, and now we offer English services and English-speaking Small groups through out Queens, Long Island, and Westchester.